OSCP Walkthrough

Scanning the box with “nmap -A -T4 -p- -vv”

There is a file caller “secret.txt” visiting this file we can see a base64 code that we can encode it:

It has an SSH private key, and the only thing we need now is the username, but first let’s save this file and name it id_rsa and give it a permission of 600:

Back to the nmap results we can see that port 80 is open so let’s visit the webpage:

As we can see from the webpage there is only one username which is “oscp”, we already have the SSH key so let’s login:

chmod 600 id_rsa

ssh -I id_rsa oscp@

We got in, now we need to break from the shell jail and enumerate to root:

This was very straight forward we became root just running “/bin/bash -p”

And we done!!

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