ELECTION Walkthrough

Scanning the host with “nmap -A -T4 -vv”

Only two ports are open, let’s try “dirb /usr/share/dirb/wordlist/big.txt”

Now we have some login pages like “phpMyAdmin” and “Elction” page:

We need some sort of Admin ID to login which we don’t have, so I kept going through the Dirb results and I found a page “/admin/logs” which has a file to download “system.log”:

And there is the user’s name and also the password to login, but not for the “phpMyAdmin” page but for SSH:

Now, I went through directories and found nothing so what I did is I started a simple server and transferred the “linux-exploit-suggester.sh” file to the /tmp folder and run it, and it gave me two exploits to work with and I just needed one of them in order to get the root privilege:

So, I searched locally on my machine for the “Serv-U FTP Server” exploit using Searchsploit and I found the exploit and again transferred the exploit to the host and ran it:

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