Disconnect Any WiFi Network with WiFi-Jammer

WIFI jamming is a technique to disconnect any WIFI networks that in range, the simple way to do this is to run some sort of script to send deauth signals to the networks and disable them for some times.

What we need is a WIFI card able to do injection mode and monitoring mode and we going to use Airgeddon script to apply this attack.

We already covered Airgeddon script before, we used it to create Evil-Twin network in order to capture network password, the script it self has more options to carry out more types of attacks.

Let’s start by connecting the WIFI card and make sure it’s in monitor mode:

airmon-ng check kill

airmon-ng start wlan0

The WIFI is ready and we can run the script by “./airgeddon.sh”

After the script checks for updates, the first screen is to choose from the WIFI cards

In my case it’s 2 wlan0mon

Second screen is for the scripts you want to choose from, we going to choose number 4:

Next screen we going to choose number 6 for Deauth attack:

It’s going to ask to choose a target if not choose it manually, just enter “y” and enter it if you already have the BSSID, if you don’t have the network BSSID open another terminal window and run “airodum-ng wlan0mon” and look for the network you want to attack:

Now press ENTER and watch the magic in the air:

As soon as I pressed ENTER, I got disconnected from my network, my phone was like connecting then disconnected till it gave up and said WIFI ERROR and I need to re-authenticate again with that network.

That goes with every device was connected to that WIFI network, the deauthentication signals was fast that every device had no chance to reconnect again, simple and efficient Jammer method.

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