Seppuku Walkthrough

We run nmap -A -T4 -p- -vv

A lot of ports are open 21,22,80,139,445,70807601,8080 But be aware the creator of this machine said to watch out of rabbit holes, and after a lot of falling into them i wrote the solution to this machine, to spare you the headache let’s get to the steps.

We run dirb

We interested in /keys and /secret

In the secret folder we can find private ssh key, but we have no user name yet, so let’s leave it for now, in the secret folder we have hostname and password.lst so now we use the user Seppuku in the hostname file with the password.lst using Hydra against ssh service hydra -l seppuku -P /root/password.lst ssh:// -f -vV

We got a password “eeyoree” we can login with it to ssh:

There is a file .password and there is a password inside it

The password is 12345685213456!@!@A and there are two new users:

The password worked for the user samurai and the user can run sudo:

Now it’s time for the 3rd user “tanto” and we’re going to use the private key to access via ssh:

chmod 600 private

ssh -i private tanto@

Now we got in and we are Tanto, let’s create the path /home/tanto/.cgi_bin/bin that we found with the user “samurai” so we can run it as sudo

Return to the user “samurai” and we run sudo /../../../../../../home/tanto/.cgi_bin/bin /tmp/*

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