How to Mirror Your Android Phone to PC

Ever wanted to use your phone from your pc or laptop?! And when I say use your phone not only sending and receiving messages or viewing photos, but complete usage of your phone as it’s in your hand.

With Scrcpy application you can now mirror you phone to your machine and have complete power over it, you can turn on the camera front and back and take picture, or you can make a phone call or watch a movie, you can do whatever you want.

In this tutorial I’m going to use kali Linux but i will explain how to use it with Windows 10 too. You can use any Linux distribution you want, first we going to install the app right from the terminal by typing “apt install scrcpy”:

Now just connect your phone to your laptop or PC and start the app by typing “scrcpy”:

As you can see I’ve successfully mirrored my phone to my Kali Linux machine and i can play around with it as if I’m holding my phone in my hand.

You can try and run the app by “scrcpy –h” and it will give you more options like if you want to record the phone screen or take screenshot in different sizes and much more.

To enter Full Screen “scrcpy — f”

To record Screen “scrcpy — file.mp4” or “scrcpy -r file.mkv”

What if you want to mirror your Android phone wirelessly? Well you can do this of course too, now follow these steps:

Connect your device to your PC and allow USB debugging confirmation.

Enter the command “adb devices” to list devices.

Now enter the command “adb tcpip 5555” to enable WiFi Debug mode.

Remove the USB cable.

Enter the command “adb connect <Phone IP address>”

Run the command “scrcpy”

Now if you want to use it with Windows 10 follow these steps:

Before running Scrcpy on your Windows 10 PC, you need to download and install the Android ADB tool.

Download Scrcpy latest package and extract the zip file.

Enable the USB debugging settings in the Developer options on your Android device.

Connect the device to your PC via USB cable.

Allow USB Debugging confirmation on your phone.

Run the application “Scrcpy” and enjoy.

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