How to Reveal a Shorten Link True Identity

Bitly and TinyURL are a URL shortening service sites. There are a lot of sites that offer the same service. It takes a long link and it turns it into a relatively short link. The shorter link is easier to handle and remember, but it can also hide the identity of the site that the link directed to. If you are uncertain of the reliability of a shorten link, you can take steps to check the link’s safety.

Let’s start with TinyURL, it shortens a web address, it turns a link into a short form that looks nothing like the original link. A short link may in fact lead to a harmful website or one loaded with spyware, viruses or inappropriate content. Even if you trust the person sending you the link, it’s safer to check it first before clicking on it.

Let’s say we want to send this link to a friend and wants to make it shorter , on will look like this

Of course you can any other site beside, there are many sites offering the same service.

Now if you want to reveal the true form of the link you received you can go to and put your link and test it:

As we can see from the picture, the tinyurl link we got earlier and we used on here revealed the true link which is, this way you can verify if the link you received is legit or not .

Let’s take a look on as we use the same site ad shorten it:

Once again we use to reveal the real URL:

People all the time receive links on social media such as WhatsApp, Viber or any other chat apps we use these days, not all the links are true, some of them redirect you to other services or shady sites online, so pay attention and don’t open any link with the form of shortened links, verify first.

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