Track Anyone Online With Canary Token

Canary tokens are tracking links used for tracking any online device from Pc to phones and tablets, sending links to targets and finding their location when clicking on the link.

Canary tokens can even phone home when someone checks a private chat without clicking the link. Canary tokens come in several useful types and can be used even through URL shorteners.

Canary tokens are designed to be so simple anyone can use them. Depending on how you deploy them, they can detect when someone clicks a link, opens an email, shares a file, or otherwise interacts with the tracking link.

First visit the site and create a token:

Select the first option Web bug / URL token and enter your email and a description for the token:

Now on the upper right you can click on “Manage this token” to see the number of clicks of the victim you send them the link provided.

Now click on “history” and it will show you the session with location of the device on map and also you will receive an email notifying you that someone clicked on your link:

The information provided also shows the ip address of the device and the user agent. You have an option to export the sessions to JSON or CSV files.

Here is the email sent to your email notifying you with an alert:

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