Tails OS to Stay Anonymous On the Dark Web

Accessing the dark web can be achieved by using tor browser or you can use any VPN, but there are chances that most of you are using operating systems like Kali Linux Ubuntu Windows or even Mac OS, and there is a good possibility of DNS leak or a chances that your IP address to be tracked by hackers. When you are visit some websites on the dark web or deep web it is most essential to stay anonymous and this can be done using Tails OS.

Tail-OS is a Linux distribution which is completely build to access dark websites, the main purpose is to protect the users privacy as it comes loaded with some features which are already present in the Linux distribution, it also has a Python, Java and other programming languages free install on the desktop. The best part about this operating system that it has a tor network enabled by default even if you are not planning to go on dark web.

Your traffic will be encrypted and it provides a great layer of security, also there is no chance that your IP address or your DNS to be leaked.

How to install Tails OS:

Go to the official website of Tails OS and download the image from this LINK, you can download it to Windows, Linux, MacOS or just for USB:

After you download the image follow these instructions provided by the Tail OS site on how you install the image on the USB:

Install from Windows these instructions require:

Windows 7 (64-bit) or later

Start in Windows.

Install Tails using Etcher

  1. Click on the following link to download Etcher:

Download Etcher for Windows

2- Plug in the USB stick on which you want to install Tails.

3- All the data on this USB stick will be lost.

4- Open the Etcher download.

At the security warning, confirm that you want to open Etcher.

Etcher starts.

5- Click the Select image button.

Choose the USB image that you downloaded earlier. Make sure that the USB image has an .img file extension.Etcher should automatically select your USB stick. Otherwise, click the Change link to choose a different USB stick.

7- Click Flash.

Enter your password if you are asked for it.

The installation takes a few minutes.

After installing Tails, Etcher verifies the installation.

If the verification of Etcher fails, try to install again or to use a different USB stick.

8- Close Etcher.

You will now restart your computer on this USB stick. It can be a bit complicated, so good luck!

Open these instructions on another device

Restart on Tails

Make the computer start on the USB stick

This step is the most complicated one as it depends a lot on the model of the computer:

One to two minutes after the Boot Loader, the Welcome Screen appears.

  1. In the Welcome Screen, select your language and keyboard layout in the Language & Region section. Click Start Tails.
  2. After 15–30 seconds, the Tails desktop appears.

If you want to make the USB persistence and save files on it follow this LINK from the official site.

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