Vulnhub – Easy Cloudantivirus Walkthrough

We start by scanning the host with nmap –A –T4 –p- –vv

Opening the page

I’m going to use BurpSuite to brute force the code:

Then send the output to the intruder and use rockyou.txt as our password list:

And the code is ‘password’ we could’ve guessed it, but any way we got it and we login with it:

Time to upload a shell to the target with BurpSuite, i chose to scan the file python

Then send this to repeater and put the python shell:

While we put our listening port ready, we got a shell:

In home directory of user scanner there is a file update_cloudav.c

And after searching for a bit i found this LINK talking about how this line is vulnerable sprintf(command, “%s %s”, freshclam, argv[1]);

Now to run this script we can run it along a shell to our machine, i tried a lot of syntax and finally it worked:

./update_cloudav “hacker|./” and then the listening port which is 3333 got a shell back as root

 That’s it now flag to catch as root.

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