Vulnhub DC-8 Walkthrough

We start scanning the host with nmap –A –T4 –p- –vv

Scanning directories with dirb came with:

Ok the robots.txt file came with a lot to know:

We can see from the robots.txt file there are some sql databases on the site, we need to find it to exploit it with sqlmap, so let’s visit the links on the site:

sqlmap -u –dbs –batch –risk 3 –level 5

sqlmap -u -D d7db –tables –batch –risk 3 –level 5

sqlmap -u -D d7db -T users –columns –dump

Now we have 2 users with hash passwords:

admin   | $S$D2tRcYRyqVFNSc0NvYUrYeQbLQg5koMKtihYTIDC9QQqJi3ICg5z

john    | $S$DqupvJbxVmqjr6cYePnx2A891ln7lsuku/3if/oRVZJaz5mKC2vF

using John to crack the hash, john hash camw with password turtle, while the admin hash looks like is going to take time as maybe it’s not meant to be cracked, so let’s use john’s password to login.

We going to use the link to login

Now navigate to this webpage and change Text Format to PHP

Now let’s upload a php shell code to this page:

After that we go to the contacts page and fill it with anything and click submit while on our end there is a nc with the port 444 which I use ready for the connection to be made.

Ok now I used a tool called and searched for the exploit on my machine using searchsploit and located it, then complied it with gcc, then transfer to the host using wget and SimpleHTTPServer.

Locate 45010.c

Gcc –o hack2 45010.c

Change directory to /root and cat flag.txt and we are done!!!

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