Vulnhub Connect The Dots Walkthrough

We start scanning the host with : nmap –A –T4 –p- –vv

Running dirb /usr/sharw/dirb/wordlists/big.txt

There is port 111 so we use showmount -e

Now we mount the folder to our machine

mkdir /tmp/morris

mount /tmp/morris

But now we can’t do anything as it gave us Permission Denied, let’s create a morris user on our machine so we can copy the ssh file to the host.

ls -ld morris                                                                                                                                                         

drwxr-xr-x 8 1000 1000 morris 4096 Oct 11 14:40 morris

groupadd –gid 1000 morris_group

useradd –uid 1000 –groups morris_group morris

mkdir morris/.ssh

cp ~/.ssh/ morris/.ssh/authorized_keys

when we try to login using ssh morris@ –p 7822

it asked for a password , so I guess we have to try another way .

I downloaded all the files I found on the site from pictures to the css , using strings and cat on the pictures didn’t come up with any results, but I found a file bootstrap.min.cs to be wired with a  lot of string coding .. after looking on google for a while I found this site I copied the content of the file without the “” and removed the var= from the file and ran it and it came with:

Now we have another user Norris, and the password TryToGuessThisNorris@2k19

Now going into ftp file we can download the bak files to our machine




Mget *.bak

Going into the files with strings command we can see one file game.jpg.bak

It hit me to see it as mores code , decode it online and I got this message

Cd to var/www/html and ls –la

Trying to open the file .sercetfile.swp in the browser then we download it to our machine and strings it gave us:

After enumerating for a while I found we can use tar command , now its easy to use tar as:

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